Patentgruppen provides counselling on all matters of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), i.e. on all matters relating to patents, utility models and designs. Patentgruppen wants to simplify the client’s ways to protect his business, products and innovation through a proactive and strategic approach to IPR. By working as a team, we will let you exploit our expertise both as regards IPR and technical knowledge. We will work as a team not only internally in Patentgruppen but also with our clients. No matter who you are or which requirements you have for either technical counselling or IPR knowledge, we will proactively match your needs. We see ourselves as an important partner to our clients, and we take pride in the job, we do.

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Patentgruppen provides counselling on all aspects of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), i.e. on all matters relating to patents, utility models and designs. In other words, we assist our clients in obtaining and maintaining  worldwide exclusive rights.

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Introduction to patents II

What happens when I have filed my patent application? What decisions are waiting? What will it cost? What can I expect from the patent offices? When do I get my patent?

These are the questions our upcoming webinar is based on.
This webinar will give you an insight in what happens when you file a patent application. What should you be prepared for in the years to come and how can you minimize your workload in relation to patents in the best way possible without coursing trouble for yourself later on.
September 21st 2022
Microsoft Teams
11-12 AM
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New EPA in Patentgruppen

We are extremely pleased to announce that our very talented Patent Attorney Søren Birthin Schmidt yesterday passed the European Qualifying Examination, which gives him the right to represent clients in patent cases before the European Patent Office.

Congratulations on becoming a European Patent Attorney!